Gallery Studio

Big windows and all-white walls make a light-filled canvas for shoots and events.

Our all-white Gallery studio

The Gallery spans 3,000 square feet with a versatile wall flat for creating real-life sets.

  1. 01 3,000 sq. ft.
  2. 02 25-ft. ceilings
  3. 03 30-ft. wall flat
  4. 04 Freight elevator
  5. 05 Secure on-site parking
  6. 06 Quiet for film and video
  7. 07 Daylight with blackout option
When you need an all-white studio, Maximalist gives you more.

There’s nothing like a fresh, white studio to make people and products pop. Ours is bigger than most you’ll find in Philly or New York with a mix of raw and refined elements that add subtle dimension to any shoot.

Continuous wall of windows and white brick
On set, your sound crew needs just one thing: quiet.

We know how frustrating it is when your creative flow gets interrupted. Here there’s nothing to worry about. Our off-the-radar building sits tucked away on a quiet side street, making video productions a breeze.

Wall of large windows that let in the light
Real-life rooms made easy, minus the meddling homeowner.

We love an Airbnb as much as you do, but the no-nos on shooting are a drag. (“You want to hang that where?”) At Maximalist, our 30-foot wall flat makes the perfect backdrop for your project. Finish your set in no time with our furniture and props.

30-foot wall flat
Erin Pederson Art Director, Free People
We always love shooting at Maximalist! The natural light is so dreamy and perfect.
HALLIGAN NORRIS SMITH Associate Creative Director, Anthropologie
Maximalist is the perfect mix of raw and polished. Plus, the prop house is a dream!
Your journey to create and celebrate in style starts here.

To the Max is a visual journal about our studios and the people we serve. Every month, we share our customers’ stories with gratitude. Our hope is that their journey with us inspires yours.

Male and female fashion models with wallpapered background and bar cart
J. McLaughlin Shoots Fashion Collection with Resort-Style Sets

When the retailer couldn’t travel to shoot clothes with vacation vibes, we built a resort just for them.