Loft Studio

Stylish furniture in a flexible space offers photo-ready room settings for parties and productions.

Our furnished Loft studio with faux fireplace and round sofas

The Loft spans 3,000 square feet and comes with our attached Kitchen Studio.

  1. 01 3,000 sq. ft.
  2. 02 25-ft. ceilings
  3. 03 Furnished like a home
  4. 04 Freight elevator
  5. 05 Secure on-site parking
  6. 06 Quiet for film and video
  7. 07 Daylight with blackout option
Finally, a high-style studio that’s always
ready to roll.

Time and again we meet producers who struggle finding a studio that doubles as a photo-ready set. At Maximalist, moveable furniture in an open space creates the turnkey location you need for production.

Furnished Loft studio with mix of seating
Like a chameleon, the Loft changes
to suit your needs.

A studio with a real-life interior and a long depth of field is hard to come by. With room settings that go from pharmaceuticals to fashion the Loft makes it easy to get a variety of looks all in one place.

Furnished Loft studio looking through French doors into Lounge
When it comes to color, we say
less is more.

A location that draws too much attention to itself can distract your audience. In the Loft, light oak floors, white brick walls and neutral furnishings make your story the star.

Seating group in Loft studio with abstract painting
Shooting at Maximalist was totally seamless! We achieved a lot of different looks with furniture and props that were all right there.
JOANNA MAXWELL Producer, Anthropologie
It was incredibly beneficial to us that the studio could be treated as a blank canvas and changed around to suit our needs.
Your journey to create and celebrate in style starts here.

To the Max is a visual journal about our studios and the customers we serve. Every month, we share their stories with gratitude. Our hope is that their journey with us inspires yours.

Bathroom set with vanity and mirrors for Anthropologie
Anthropologie Shoots Bathroom Sets in Our Studios and Prop House

The pros at Anthro combined our interiors with their products to fashion real-life rooms.